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    Who Killed the Electric Car?


    I drive a TDI myself to work, but if there was a direct
    train to JFK airport I would use it. If the train was
    equipped with wireless internet it would be great.
    I know the importance of having a car since I grew
    up in the countryside. To bring in the trainbombing
    in India as an argument not to use them is not a good
    argument. Around 45000 people are killed on the roads
    every year and most of them are victims to crazy
    drivers (terrorists behind the wheel). It does not stop
    you from driving does it? Good that you are driving a
    diesel though since you dont have to worry about
    being burned alive in a wreck.

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    Who Killed the Electric Car?

    "Buses can turn"? Didnt Chris know buses follow
    a route? What is wrong with trolley buses and
    train/trams. They are electrified following the same
    routes. Electricity can come from non CO2 emmiting
    nuclear plants.

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    Who Killed the Electric Car?


    I am well aware busses follow routes, My argument is bus routes can be changed and rail routes can't.

    Milwaukee has many different ethnic festivals during the summer along the lakefront, The last one was summerfest, When these festivals go on many busses are redirected to various park and ride lots to shuttle people to the fest. rail can't do this it can only maintain the routes it has

    Rail may work in your city, Busses make more sense here.

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    Who Killed the Electric Car?

    I see Chris...another point about Milwaukee...heard
    on the news it is the city with the lowest accident rate
    in the US. What do they different from NYC area where
    many drives like maniacs?

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    Who Killed the Electric Car?


    One of my big complaints about buses is that they can turn. They do that entirely too often in my experience to the point that it is impossible for a person who works for a living to take the time to try to figure out where the stops keep changing to. Train stations are on all maps, not just the latest bus map that has probably been changed within the past 6 months.
    Buses also are way to slow to really get anywhere for real.
    My take is that buses are really good at keeping poor people poor by slowly getting the underpaid hired help to the rich people's houses so they can do the cleaning but that's about where their utility ends. Real people who want to make real money (by getting where they need to when they need to) either take trains (that don't have to wait in traffic) or they drive. I'll challenge you to find 5 people who make more than 6 figures who take buses. Now do the same for cars and trains.

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    Who Killed the Electric Car?

    I currently live in LA, where GM purchased the majority of stock in the rail system, and then dismantled it. This is fact.

    I love trains...just returned from Europe, where my family spent 3 weeks touring on a Eurail pass. Years ago, I used the BART system in the Bay Area to get to my job in San Francisco. Before that, used the subway in NYC.

    I would much rather travel by subway or train...for ecological and economical reasons. I hate needing a car and being trapped on the 101 and 405 freeways (the major arteries through LA) My husband and I both drive hybrids now, since rail travel in LA is a distant hope. Buses here are infrequent and routes are spotty. Not an option.

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    Who Killed the Electric Car?


    I am there with you too. Besides GM and Goodyear illegally buying and ripping up rail lines throughout the USA, you can blame the government too. After the goverment deregulated the rail industry, the USA lost 2/3 of its millions of miles of railroad the companies deemed unprofitable. Now with a turn in the rail industry today, there are frequent "traffic jams" with frieght trains hogging up the track (ie=less railroad, more traffic), thus Amtrak can't introduce more service.

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    Who Killed the Electric Car?


    Don't know how we placed so good? My personal expirence with teen drivers and thier fender benders in this house would tell a different story
    Maybe it has a lot to do with so much traffic in a small area where we would be more spread out over a larger area?

    I believe we are just as agressive drivers as anybody, Speed limits on the freeway is 55 metro areas 65 suburban areas with people traveling 10 to 15 over in both areas.

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    Who Killed the Electric Car?


    I don't know 5 people making 6 figures that take the bus, But, I also don't know 5 people making 6 figures that would ride rail I do know that they all drive cars.

    The bus system around here works pretty well, If you live in the suburbs they have the freeway fliers that take you downtown Milwaukee with no stops along the way if you live in Milwaukee and need to get to some of the suburbs they have nonstops for this also.

    We do have a train that will take you to Chicago, I would consider this when I go there due to Chicago's traffic that is just a nightmare, Alot like NYC or San Francisco, Chicago also has rail to the city.

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