For those who are interested in gaining a better understanding about the demise of my former car: The General Motors EV1, the ultimate hybrid:

I highly recommend that you see the new movie "Who Killed the Electric Car" being released by Sony Classic Pictures. It is opening in a few cities this month and will follow elsewhere soon.

I saw a draft cut of WKtEC at the Sundance Film Festival and highly recommend it for anyone who:
- likes cars
- likes fast cars
- likes efficient cars
- likes cars that are efficient AND fast
- likes clean air
- drives (whether you like it or not)
- hates war
- likes alternative energy
- hates to go to the gas station
- hates getting their car serviced
- loves hybrids
- hates hybrids
- loves Michigan
- hates Michigan
- cares if other people do any of the above

It shows a lot of actual footage of the EV1 and other production electric vehicles that were built and then destroyed by all the major auto manufacturers. In an interesting way, it discusses why these vehicles were killed and why we need or don't need them from perspectives ranging from Enviromentalists, car enthusiasts, liberals, conservatives, to an ex-CIA director.

From this movie, you will get a better understanding of why we get such pathetic performance (MPG and acceleration) from today's hybrids. You'll be able to understand why there are so few hybrid options available (no sunroofs, mini-vans, wagons, convertibles, diesel hybrids, sports cars, etc) and why there are so few models available from US or European manufacturers.

The following is the list of opening locations that I took from another list:
"Who Killed the Electric Car"

June 28

New York:

- Angelika

Los Angeles:

- Arclight,
- NuWilshire,
- AMC Ontario,

June 30

- Regal Edwards South Coast (Costa Mesa)
- Laemmle Pasadena
- Laemmle Town Center (Encino)

July 7


- Pipers
- Renaissance
- CineArts Evanston

If you see this, let us all know what you think.