Don't get me wrong here. I own an HCH purely because it has a manual transmission so I fully understand what and why you want it. I'm just sharing the technical details with you.

I also agree with your statement that your "satisfaction as a customer" "Should be a company's top priority" but unfortunately, it isn't. Whether or not you are like me, who wants the technology that will save the world or like you who want's the old stuff doesn't really matter to them. They will sell you what they think will bring them the most profit. Sadly, enough, they suffer from a 'group-think' that seems to prevent them from even seeing what will bring them a profit.

At least they aren't ripping the manual transmission HCH's away from people and destroying them as they did with my EV1 and Honda did with their EV+. They just won't sell you one.

As I occassionally have to remind my wife: Manual transmissions are obsolete. You'll have to get used to it eventually. We rushed out and bought the manual HCH because I realized then that it would be the last manual hybrid. It will give my wife another decade or so of manual transmission driving while being fairly energy efficient. I'm sorry we hadn't met earlier so I could warn you as I did my wife.

There is no use for a transmission of any kind in future cars. Transmissions waste energy. The only reason there are transmissions in hybrids is that the transmission makers don't want to go out of business. You're being sold something you don't need. They might as well keep providing a hitch for horses as provide a transmission.

Go ahead and buy a diesel if you like but I'm not sure I see the benefit. You aren't going to save any money and you aren't going to save the planet with diesels.

Sorry but I wish I could tell you what you want to hear. I'm just the messenger/observer I can't get you the car you want anymore.