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    A hybrid Mini Cooper??

    Has anyone heard if there might be a hybrid version of the Mini Cooper? I'd love for my next car to be a hybrid, but I love the styling on the Mini. They are already so small and fuel efficient, do you think they will make the next step towards perfection and have a hybrid version?

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    A hybrid Mini Cooper??

    Being a British Automaker, and the fact that Europeans lean towards diesel as opposed to gasoline hybrids (or petrol as they call it), most likely a diesel version will come out before a hybrid.

    But that's just my educated-speculation, and I could be wrong.

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    A hybrid Mini Cooper??

    I recieved this e-mail recently - enjoy !!

    Visit us at the International Motor Show

    London Excel Centre, 20th 30th July 2006

    Stand 270

    See our new Super Min.e

    A 4-wheel drive electric hybrid Super Mini (Min.e)

    0-60mph in 4.5 seconds!

    Top speed 150mph!!


    Using PML 'In wheel' motors, drives and power control electronics.

    New driver touch screen interface

    3 driving modes; Eco, Normal, Sport

    Power boost function in Sport mode

    Come and see the future of Hybrid technology!

    Details at : http://www.britishmotorshow.co.uk

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    A hybrid Mini Cooper??

    You're suspicion about a diesel Mini is pretty much right.
    In fact the lucky Brits over there already have a diesel version available to them.
    There is a lower-horsepower, slightly higher mileage Mini (called the Mini one) available in the UK. On top of that mini 'one' line, there is a Mini one-D available which is a diesel version of the Mini one.

    It wouldn't take much engineering to alter a British mini one D to make it street-legal in the US. Mini just hasn't done so yet since they don't perceive much of a demand for a lower HP car in the horse-power-hungry US. :-[

    Personally I would snatch up a D or a hybrid if either were made available in the US.

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    I doubt we will ever see a

    I doubt we will ever see a full production or affordable hybrid like the Mini. There is too much power given to the oil lobby in Congress. Imagin the drop in revenue headed to the middle east if a car that got 80mpg were allowed to be avaiable to the common man. Never going to happen.

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    I seriously doubt that the

    I seriously doubt that the oil companies will be able to keep raising the price of gasoline... cause at one point, the economy will halt, and people will stop driving, and the oil companies will have to lower prices...

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    they've got an electric

    they've got an electric version going already! it's small, fuel efficient, PLUS it goes from 0 to 60 in four seconds!

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