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    Trucker said

    We are buying an 06 HCH. However, we heard from a trucker in discussion that he saw a sign barring hybrids from NYC metro area. We know nothing else. Is this an urban legend or is it a fact and why? Batteries charge with frequent braking, emissions are less...

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    Trucker said

    Completely false. Makes no sense and is untrue.

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    Trucker said

    Ridiculous! NYC has possibly the largest fleet of hybrids of any city, you see them everywhere under every department - Prii, Escapes, Hondas, buses.... They're in use as taxis as well.

    And while they were a little scarce over a year ago when I bought mine, privately-owned hybrids are quite commonly seen here now.

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    Trucker said

    Okay, thanks for clearing that up.

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