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    Honda CRV Hybrid

    Why won't Honda consider making a Hybrid CRV??

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    Honda CRV Hybrid

    I have heard it is coming 2009

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    The Honda CRV is the perfect

    The Honda CRV is the perfect vehicle to make into a hybrid and reduce our foreign energy dependency and improve the overall environment. At this juncture only Ford has the Escape in this class using the Toyota Hybrid Technology.

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    2009 came and went. Where's

    2009 came and went. Where's our CR-V hybrid? That would be a sweet ride to see it get 35-40 MPG. I'd rather have that than a Ford Escape.

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    i think Honda CRV will be

    i think Honda CRV will be hybrid if it has good honda crv accessories in order to compensate the whole experience of the whole Hybrid system. I think it will come soon!

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    I currently have a 1999 CR-V

    I currently have a 1999 CR-V with 280,000+ miles. I have been holding out for a hybrid version of this vehicle. If they made one that measured 35 MPG highway I would go out and buy it today. I do not know why Honda is so resistant to manufacturing a hybrid version of this car.

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    I have a Jatta sportwagen

    I have a Jatta sportwagen TDI and find it far superior to our CRV with greater than 43 MPG in highway or city. Takes a lot of beating with Lowes and home depot run. List of interior room back seat folds down so carry space is huge. Can tow up to 2300 lbs. I say buy a hitch and $575 trailer to make it even more useful. I have a Yakima roof rack to put lumber on the roof. It will also out accelerate a 4 cylinder CRV. Don't be Honda blind the diesel Tdi jetta wagon will last forever.

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