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    Why Autel MaxiSys Pro MS908 is such powerful auto diagnostic tool?

    Autel maxisys pro ms908 is professional vehicle diagnostic scanner release by Autel tech. Compared with other auto diagnostic tools, autel ms908p has its special features and functions. Why Autel MS908P is such powerful auto diagnostic tool?

    On behalf of Vechicle Service Pros and PTEN magazine, two techs, Neil Rowland and Don Smith, reviewed the Autel MaxiSYS MS908. They both liked the quick processor speed and boot-up time, “It doesn\\\\\\\'t seem to make a difference what model of car I hook it up to,” Rowland adds, “It’s the fastest (scan) tool I’ve ever used.”

    Rowland has used the MS908 for many advanced functions, which include performing diagnostics and resets on many vehicle makes and models and even programming keys. He says, “I’ve used a lot of OE scan tools. Autel lays out data the same way OE scan tools are laid out.” Because Rowland is familiar with this setup logic, he also said that if technicians are not familiar with a factory menu layout, this may be difficult for some users.

    Smith used the MS908 to program keys on several vehicle makes including Ford, Dodge, Nissan and VW. He has also used this tool to diagnose a faulty PCM in a 2010 Dodge Ram and faulty headlight modules on 11 5 Series BMWs. After replacing the new module, it had to be coded and he also had to run reference for the adaptive headlights. He says, “The MaxiSYS performed flawlessly.”

    The much expected AUTEL MaxiSYS Pro MS908P has been launched recently. The product is now available on auotnumen.com for less than $3,180. If you are interested in this OBDII tool, please visit our official website for more details.
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