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    Just read ur comments. does

    Just read ur comments. does make sense i ve been thinking how i could boil eggs n noodles with the heat produced by the radiator fluid. I just bought a used 2007 camry. Hybrid version is not available in my country. I guessed it' d take more than just a new engine and a new transmission to hybridize

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    am using a honda accord 2005

    am using a honda accord 2005 hybrid my engine is faulty i need to change it. how can i get another one to replace mine.

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    I have a 2002 wrx it drinks

    I have a 2002 wrx it drinks gas like crazy would like to put a system on it to get better mileage call me thanks 1 905 929 0575

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    Okay, I'll bite. How is this

    Okay, I'll bite. How is this possible?

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    Nothing is impossible! I'm

    Nothing is impossible!
    I'm working on my RX-8 and so far I have installed the Chevy volt engine instead of the OEM rotary 1.3 L engine.
    Still need to do all the electrical parts but seems like it would work
    My friends and I did lot of research n tests til now n we are all studying mechanical engineering and some of others doing electrical
    The engine costs bout $6000

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    I have an extreme fear of messing up. Doing something stupid, making mistakes, etc. I can\'t hold a job. I am even afraid of going back and finishing school. I always end up having a hard time in a class and I feel stupid. Now its to a point where I\'m afaid to go to school. What makes things worse is that my boyfriend is fed up with me. He is the only one working and paying bills and i know thats where most of the problems in our relationship stem from. He has a lot of resentments toward me for not helping out. I feel like such a loser I really do.
    Kids, work, husband, health, money etc;.. Its all still there. I take yoga, go to the gym, listen to super soothing music when things are rough, travel as much as I can and do nothing on white sandy beaches..but voila..still struggling with health. And lately Ive noticed what appears to be more weight around my mid-section..coritsol related? who knows? Ive stopped taking my isocort. Im not a big girl and am very lucky my thyroid issues don\'t cause terrible weight issues..but I am carrying around an extra 10 pounds that no matter how many spin classes I take- isn\'t budging.
    A few days later I had pain in one of the lymph nodes in my neck. The pain is like a burning sensation that comes and goes frequently. I stopped taking the Zyrtec and started taking Mucinex. That didn\'t help either. My cough was continuously getting worse (dry hacking at times and coughing up small amounts of mucus at times). I went back and saw my dr today. She did a chest xray. She said she didn\'t see any signs of pneumonia on the xray but did hear wheezing and rattling in my chest. She said it was bronchitis and bronchial spasms. She prescribed Levaquin for 10 days and also hydrocodone cough syrup to help me rest at night (I have been much more fatigued than usual).
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    Disorientation: getting lost, going to wrong places
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    Any suggestions? I\'m a worrier by nature and read things online and see the symptoms and think I could have a serious disease but I truly doubt it since there\'s been really no progression in over 3 years and the MRI is normal.

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    Doctors can\'t do any tests until the babys here. Another 4 months.
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    If you have any questions please let us know..
    I wasn\'t sure if things would go back to how they were once his parents got home. I have only been back to my home now for a few hours and he has called me already to see what I\'m up to and to tell me he loves me. I know that it was only for a few days, and that anyone can make an effort for a few days. But he really did. We didn\'t have the big "talk", because I wanted to see how things went without me having to tell him how I felt or how I thought things were wrong. Maybe in a few days. I just want to gauge how he reacts to things now.

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    The other question is regarding the rapid cycling of low\'s which he has a lot of but then again, even if he didn\'t have BP, it would be quite understandable considering what he\'s going through. Long story short - he got in a work related auto accident about 14 mos. ago. WC sent him to a hand specialist for knee surgery (this happened just before we met). I then urged him to see a better surgeon in the city, which he did. But it is still not healed and it is KILLING him to not be able to work. And it looks as though he will need a third surgery. He is definitely the type who loves to work and be productive. Anyways, because he has to be careful with what he does, he\'s limited in his activities. He sleeps alot during the day but then feels bad that he\'s "not getting anything done" around the house and is not motivated. I don\'t bug him about getting stuff done because I don\'t want to add any burden or want him to feel badly. At the same time, I don\'t coddle to him by doing all the housework either because that would be the co-dependent thing
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    Thanks Harry ! Which Wheat products?
    Also doing a 30 minute soaking of Epsom Salts and Hydrogen Peroxide is good also. The Salts pull toxins out and the H.P. helps put oxygen back into the body.

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