Why are people all of a sudden so concerned about loosing money or making the difference up on a car like the Prius?. What about all those people that bought SUV's for the tune of $30,000-60,000 only to see them depreciate 50-70% or more in 7 years??? I will gamble on our 25K Prius being worth more than a $52,000 Tahoe at the end of a 5-7 year period. Not to mention the fortune in gas savings. What are those gas guzzlers bringing on trade now that gas is around 3.10 a gallon? Some friends I work with told me dealers want to give them about one half to one third of what they owe to trade them in. Sure if you compare a 25K Prius to a 17K Corolla it does take a while to get the difference back. They are both swell cars but a Corolla is not a Prius, they are quiet different in many ways. We have an 06 Prius and an 06 Corolla we bought for our daughter. If money were no object we woud have bought 2 Prius's. But the Corolla is a great car for the money. I just don't remember hearing TV commercials, car reviews or reading a lot of ads or reviews about getting a good return on your money when you buy an 40K SUV verses a 5K cheaper SUV, do You?. Sound like the people saying and writting not to buy a hybrid now probably have a lot of oil stock or GM, Ford or Chrysler stock.