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    Bottom line is if you have

    Bottom line is if you have proper posture - you will have a problem with the stupid new regulations. Perfect rules if you are walking around with a slump in yours neck. Just stay home and play video games for few month and you will fit to the new cars.

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    It's not just Honda; I loved

    It's not just Honda; I loved the new RAV4 until i drove it. Pain in the neck! I am desperately trying to buy a new car, money burning a hole in my pocket, but can't find one my neck can tolerate. I sit with the seat straight up, more or less. And the headrest pitches my head toward the floor. What's up with that? VW Tourareg hybrid, $65k or so, has a great locking slider that lets you move the whole headrest back & forward. Why don't others do that? I am going to have to find an OLD car to get a NEW one! What's up with that?

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    I have a Hyundai ix35 (MY11)

    I have a Hyundai ix35 (MY11) and I am having severe problems with my neck from the head rests. I have been searching online to buy replacement head rests, but they all seem to come with DVD screens! I'm in Australia, does anyone know of a solution to this problem. For some reason, the Hyundai head rest problem is not very well documented.

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    I have experienced the same

    I have experienced the same problem with the Toyota Camry. I know others that also have had issue. It seems to be height related. I was told by a rental car agent that a lot of people have problems with the headrest being a issue in both the Toyota and Nissan. I am afraid it is becoming a trend.

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    My neck is killing me. I'm

    My neck is killing me. I'm a 5'1" tall woman of normal weight.

    The USA phone number for Honda Customer service is 800-999-1009.

    I called and the customer service representative directed me to the vehicle handbook, which, as you know, says how to adjust the headrest up or down---not a fix.

    He then told me to check a website for recall info. He could not tell me if there was any recall info because he could not find my "VIN number" I gave it to him, and he could not locate it.

    Finally, he said he would have a "case manager" call me in one to two business days, and gave me a case number.


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    I despise the headrests in

    I despise the headrests in my girlfriend's 2007 Honda Civic EX. They push my head down/forward and they're super uncomfortable. My smart car has way better seats.

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    I forgot to mention, just

    I forgot to mention, just for comparison, I am a male, 5'3". Not sure if these awful headrests affect us shorter peeps more but I hate them with a bloody passion. If it was my own car I'd bend the supports to be more straight. My girlfriend doesn't seem to complain but she's about my size and her driving position is different from mine.

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    I bought my first Honda in

    I bought my first Honda in 1986, second one in 1997..bought a 2006 and simply because the headrests are so uncomfortable in jutting forward thereby pushing my head forward I will NOT buy another Honda. I turned the headrest around and as a result will probably get hit from the back and have whiplash!! My 1986 and 1997 Honda did not have the same headrest design as the 2006. I've been noticing headrest designs in other cars, saw a Dodge and the headrests are straight up and down, they don't jut out. The headrest will be the determining factor in the next car, now...isn't that pitiful?!!

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    I called and talked with a

    I called and talked with a Honda rep and got nothing helpful. I even took my headrest out, put it in a vice and tried bending it so it would have a curve and tilt backwards. I've tried raising the headrest, still doesn't do any good. I turned it around facing the back, problem solved, although I know this is not the safest thing to do. I had a 1995 Accord and the headrest was not a problem, so why did Honda change the design?????????

    When you think about all these complaints about something as simple as a HEADREST it seems unreal. The only people I've noticed not having a problem are older people who have bad posture with a hump on their upper back.. therefore jutting their head forward and of course they have no problem with the headrest rubbing against the back of their head.

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    Yes, the forward protuding

    Yes, the forward protuding new style headrests (yes, yes, I know they are head restraints, you wise guys) award brownie points to slouches, hunchbacks, and the elderly with bent upper backs. For those with good postures, they are a contraption right out of hell. Anyway, here is how to fix it.
    1.) Go to a machine shop or auto body shop and have them reduce the angle of the forward bend just a little, perhaps a 10 degree bend, no more. Remember, we are trying to reduce the extreme angle, not to get rid of it entirely. The headrest itself will need to be put into a vise, and the the two tubular support arms will need to be bent at their base, taking care not to bend the arms themselves.
    The advantage of this method is that you can control how much bending you want done. The disadvantge is that there is a slight risk of the metal snapping. Any competent machinist should be able to judge what kind of alloy has gone into making the structural tubing and how well it is likely to tolerate bending.
    2.) Scout around junk yards or car part dealers and try to find an old-style (dating back to manufacture prior to 2008) headrest unit that will fit. Ensure that the latches can click the way they are designed to.

    These solutions may compromise safety slightly but save you from crippling pains in the neck. Far safer than driving without head restraints or driving with the rests turned around 180 degrees.

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