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    As the previous poster wisely pointed out, this is not a Honda problem at all. If you wish to complain about the head rests in our cars, PLEASE DO THE RIGHT THING, and contact your State or Regional representative. Also, you may want to contact the government agencies that perform the safety evalutions and issue the safety reports. They will kindly record your complaint as they are supposed to.

    Companies like Honda (and many others) are applying these designs to comply with safety recommendations and mandates.

    I repeat once again, that Honda and other manufacturers WILL NOT change the head rests regardless of how many people complain to them. The only resonable avenue is to introduce a legislative challenge that allows the manufactureres some allowance in their designs. For that, you should exercise your tax payer rights and let your representatives know what you think.



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    Civic Headrest SOLUTION!!! No more pain in the neck

    I just bought a 2007 Civic yesterday & I didn't notice the headrest being a problem. As I was driving around today, I did. I'm a 5'1'' female and love the Civic but the headrest pushes my head down and kills my neck. Too late now...after reading the postings, I understand there's nothing the dealership can/will do. I don't want to use non-factory headrest for fear of losing my insurance coverage.
    SO.....I had some foam in the basement. I cut the foam into a wedge shape. I placed the thin part of the foam at my lower back & the slightly thicker part of the foam came even to the shoulder of the seat. This pushed my upper back slightly forward enough so I can't feel the headrest immediately on my head but it's still there. I still get the support from the seat on my lower back too! I will go buy a seat cover & position the foam under the seat cover to hide the thick foam. You can go to any fabric store & they will cut you foam how you want it. This is a side view of what the foam should look like: l\ Questions, please let me know. Otherwise, good luck!!

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    Ditto on the uncomfortable headrest

    I have owned a 2007 Civic GX for two weeks and each day I drive my brand new car, I get a splitting headache. I have contacted the dealer and American Honda and have only been told that the car cannot be "modified" i.e., replace headrest, since that violates the NTSB safety rating of the car. Currently, I have taken to driving to work with a sofa cushion between my back and the seat. I am thankful that this is a topic on your hybird website so I feel in good company with my complaint.

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    I have been driving my '02

    I have been driving my '02 Honda Civic for the past 6 years. Whether related or not, I have had severe neck pain since 2006 and it becomes disabling. Medical complications aside, other people who sit in or drive my car for any amount of time notice the seat causes them pain as well.

    I found this solution from another forum and am purchasing one, so hoping it'll work:

    Add On Head Rest

    Hope this helps with some of you, so leave comments w/ your experience if you can. Best of luck.

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    I got my Civic Exec June

    I got my Civic Exec June 2006 as my company vehicle and hadn't noticed much about the seating position etc. However, just about a year after having the car I started with a trapped nerve in my shoulder / neck. This has caused me to have time off work and I am just amazed to read your posts as I have never suffered from any form of back/shoulder/neck problems in the past and can only think that its related to the seating position. I am off work at the moment with chronic pain and have been having acupuncture. I too find having time off work from a busy job even more stressful so it adds to the tenseness and the severe pain....not sure what my next course of action is but am going to call my nearest dealer to discuss..

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    We strongly considered

    We strongly considered buying the 2008 Civic - until we test drove it. The headrest forces your head forward and causes neck strain, and the hard sharp edge of the headrest is simply uncomfortable to begin with.

    If your shoulders do not comfortably connect with the seat back because you have to lean forward slightly to ease the headrest discomfort, you could get a different kind of whiplash injury in a crash - one that affects the lower neck or upper back rather than the upper neck area.

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    We just got back from test

    We just got back from test driving the 08 hybrid. We were really excited about this car till we sat in it and realized how uncomfortable it was. Still trying to decide if we want to pass or find another option.

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    I have a 2007 Honda civic

    I have a 2007 Honda civic and the headrest forces my head forward and it's really uncomfortable causing me neck and back problems. When I called the dealer they said they never heard of the problem before, and that there are no other headrests.
    I really hate this about this car and may have to buy a different car.

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    My story doesn't involve a

    My story doesn't involve a hybrid but this was the most thorough post on this topic...

    I was so excited about buying a 2008 Honda CRV. Within twenty minutes I had a splitting head and neck ache. I am 5'2", 115 lbs. and also do yoga and have straight back posture. OK great, whiplash injuries are decreased by 17,000 but headaches and neck stiffness are increased by double??! Rude and unfair rule to thin people!!! I didn't buy the car because of the headrest and I'm feeling disheartened/claustrophobic about the possibility that one day I may be forced to drive that way if the standard moves across all makes/models.

    I'd so much rather take my chances with a mild case of whiplash than have my head snapped off backwards because I pull the darn head restraint off!

    I'm going to contact the government, but looking for congress to re-inject common sense seems like such a contradiction in terms. big sigh...

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    i purchased a 2008 prius in

    i purchased a 2008 prius in may, and left for a 4500 mile roadtrip. within one hour anyone sitting in the front seats was experiencing severe discomft, due to the radical tilt of the headrest.nothing we tried worked, so we turned the damn things around, and drove on, literally risking our necks. back home no one in the family will drive the car,prefering the older,less fule efficient, but comfortable cars with adjustable head rest. i am not sure what i will do with this fatially flawed car that no one can sit in for longer than ten minutes.

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