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    My Honda CRV 2011 new has a

    My Honda CRV 2011 new has a headrest from Hell
    Car would be great if my neck did hurt in 15minutes

    what to do?

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    did you find any luck at the

    did you find any luck at the junk yard. I am getting desperate. Great car, but head rest from hell

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    Amen to all the complaints.

    Amen to all the complaints. I was just ready to purchase a new 2012 Civic, and then took a look at the headrest. Ridiculous. I had my daughter test it out (will be her car) and she tried to talk herself into "accepting" the headrests, but in the end agreed they were miserable. So glad we did not purchase. The car is fabulous, but the headrest is a deal killer. Honda.......get a CLUE.

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    Well, I just recently discovered this issue in tech two months after buying a 2014 Prius V 2.
    Chronic neck and back pain that my chiropractor couldn't fix, because I was so locked up with muscle tension.
    I swapped out a head restraint from my wife's Prius 4 passenger side, and that helped.
    I added a Sacro-ease similar to this http://www.relaxtheback.com/mccartys...FYMF7Aod1DoA-A
    Now I can at least tolerate being in the driver's seat long enough to get to a job.

    If you have time, please contact the NHTSA about this. Complain that the new head restraint and seat regulations are causing you pain and that seats should allow adjustment for different body types and postures. I just got off the phone with them and the rep said if enough people complain they might open an investigation. I know, it sounds like bureaucratic runaround but if lots of people let them know, it might work. It's probably the only way it will change.
    NHTSA 1(888)-327-4236
    I have also written my US Congressmen and Representative.

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