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    Uncomfortable headrest in 06 HCH?

    Do any other 06 HCH owners find the headrests really uncomfortable?

    I just got my 2006 Civic hybrid, and for the most part, I love it. However, after a week of driving to and from work (1 hour each way), I'm finding the headrest very uncomfortable (even painful!).

    The problem is that the headrests tilt forward, but are not adjustable forwards and backwards. Plus, they're quite hard. As a result, I start to get neck cramps from having to lean my head forward.

    My solution so far has been to lean the seat way back, but that has its own comfort issues.

    I'm surprised that I haven't seen many other folks complaining about this. Maybe I just have a sensitive neck!!

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    Well, I just recently discovered this issue in tech two months after buying a 2014 Prius V 2.
    Chronic neck and back pain that my chiropractor couldn't fix, because I was so locked up with muscle tension.
    I swapped out a head restraint from my wife's Prius 4 passenger side, and that helped.
    I added a Sacro-ease similar to this http://www.relaxtheback.com/mccartys...FYMF7Aod1DoA-A
    Now I can at least tolerate being in the driver's seat long enough to get to a job.

    If you have time, please contact the NHTSA about this. Complain that the new head restraint and seat regulations are causing you pain and that seats should allow adjustment for different body types and postures. I just got off the phone with them and the rep said if enough people complain they might open an investigation. I know, it sounds like bureaucratic runaround but if lots of people let them know, it might work. It's probably the only way it will change.
    NHTSA 1(888)-327-4236
    I have also written my US Congressmen and Representative.

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