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    Universal car audio adapter

    Hi everyone! I'm searching for an adapter that connects to the car radio to listen to music from iPod and iPhone through the car dynamics. Would be perfect if it also supports USB pen drives, SD cards and devices with AUX connector. To have it all in one kit...Do you have any suggestions? So far I've found car adapter AUX Link that combines all these features. Does anyone have it to share his opinion? Can you recommend other brands? I have Honda Civic 2012. Thanks!

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    I can share with you my personal experience. When I decided to purchase adapter for cars AUX Link, I compared all the prices and it's really cheaper to buy it at the official online shop AUX Car Kits. It was delivered in just four days. At first I decided to try to install it on my own, but had troubles taking out the car stereo. I didn't have necessary tools, so finally I had it installed in the nearest autotuning center. It took around 15 minutes. So far I'm totally contented with this kit.


    - compatible with iOS gadgets, USB pen drives, SD, but there is also a 3.5 mini audio jack for other mobile devices (MP3 players, Windows-based and Android-based smartphones, tablets, laptops, netbooks, PSP etc.).
    - high quality sound
    - you can use it as a charger
    - with additional Bluetooth module can be used as a handsfree car kit
    - music control with steering wheel buttons and buttons on the car head unit (very convenient)
    - compatible with all music formats
    - delivery is free and fast
    - occupies very little space and almost invisible
    - now I can listen to all my favourite music without carrying piles of CDs.


    - relatively expensive as I also purchased additional Bluetooth module to use the adapter as a car hands-free kit
    - couldn't easily take out the car radio so I had to go to auto workshop

    But taking everything into account, I think it's a good product. So in my opinion it's worth purchasing.

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