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Thread: Hybrid battery

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    Hybrid battery

    I am a parts recycler in the province of Quebec, so I apologize for the bad english. I want to store hybrid batterys for futur use and I dont know how long I can store them or in what range of temperature. Is there an ideal temperature? Can I store them for a year, two years without touching them? What about the other parts on a hybrid???
    Tank you for your time and infos.

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    I only know enough about the

    I only know enough about the topic of battery storage to know that:
    a) Special charging protocols (when to charge, how much and at what temperatures) need to be followed to maximize battery life
    b) I don't know what the charging protocols are

    I would recommend that you check with NiMH battery vendors to see if you can get any suggestions.

    Other hybrid parts shouldn't have any storage problems that are different than other ICE vehicles.

    Good Luck

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    I read Compact Power is the

    I read Compact Power is the company making the battery packs for the Volt. Does anyone know the cycle count for these cells at 55-60C or rates of 1C/1C and 100% DoD are for current hybrid battery pack manufacturers? No-one seems to be talking about anything above 60C.....

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    My 2003 honda civic hybrid,

    My 2003 honda civic hybrid, (145,000 miles) The IMA light came on, then off, then on but this time the check engine light came on as well. The gas mileage has been great 50 mpg. The battery seem to be charging. I took it to Honda they said I need a $3,000 replacement battery!! IS THERE ANY DANGER if I continue to run the battery. The check engine light came on before and I replaced a oxygen sensor somewhere else and all was well. Thinking of just doing this again and not replacing battery since I haven't seen any problems. Anyone have these problems?

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