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Thread: Gen. 3 Prius

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    Gen. 3 Prius

    Any thoughts on whether or not to buy an '06 Prius versus waiting til '08 for the 113mpg model? Will the '06 be worth very much when the gen-3 comes out?

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    Gen. 3 Prius

    The 113 mpg target for the 2009 Prius is misleading for the following two reasons:

    1) The gallons referred to are imperial gallons, not US gallons.
    2) The test protocol which these targets are referenced to is the Japanese protocol, which apparently is an even bigger joke than our own beloved EPA protocol. Under the Japanese protocol, the current Insight gets 102 mpg, again in Imperial gallons. That's 85 mpg in USA,
    which is a whole lot nicer sounding than 61 city and 66 highway, the EPA figures.

    Where the 113 comes from is Toyota's goal of 40 kilometers per liter, which converts to 113 miles per imperial gallon or 94 miles per US gallon using their protocol, not ours.

    Translation: 113 would be great, 94 would be great, but neither one of those mileages is going to happen in the 2009 Prius.

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    Gen. 3 Prius

    JUst wait until the EPA tests the 08 prius and see what kind of numbers they can produce.

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    Gen. 3 Prius

    I thought I heard somewhere that due to many complaints, the EPA is going to Modify its tests to more "realistic" conditions soon.

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    I believe they already have.

    I believe they already have. Didn't you notice the massive drop in MPG ratings from '06/07 to now? The Prius was rated at 60 city, now it's only 48.

    Wait, this string is 2 years old!

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    you went the wrong way with

    you went the wrong way with the conversion. 113 Imperial Gallons would equal 135.48 US Gallons.

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    the 113 mpg car is the

    the 113 mpg car is the PLUG-IN Hybrid, that uses grid power to recharge the battery, and ONLY uses gasoline after the battery is depleated (15 to 40 miles, depending on design).

    Currently, Toyota is now promising a plug-in hybrid for the 2010 model year.

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