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    Flex-Fuel Hybrids

    Etahnol is used widely in Brazil, where they get their ethanol from sugar (I think it's sugar, I don't really remember).

    They cut their need for oil almost completely.

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    Flex-Fuel Hybrids

    You can read about Brazil's ethanol story here:


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    Flex-Fuel Hybrids

    Hi qq

    OT - I have a program called Siteadvisor which looks at websites for safety. The one you just posted came up as unsafe, which may cause people viewing that site problems with security and unwanted downloads to their computers.

    On topic - With the small percentage of ethanol I put in the tank, I think it was the oxigen sensors that went crazy causing the poor MPG (11-12%). If it was strickly because of the lost in energy, the MPG would have increased much sooner.

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    Flex-Fuel Hybrids

    They'll probably get a different oxygen sensor for E85 compatibility.

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    Flex-Fuel Hybrids

    Two cars, but not yet available:

    Ford Escape Hybrid FFV

    Ford Reflex (Diesel-Electric Hybrid)

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    I enjoy the comments made on

    I enjoy the comments made on this topic. And would like to add,
    that people do, use in their hybirds "Flex-fuel" which means that the car can run any blend up to 85% ethanol as well as regular gasoline. Would'nt it be a even better idea to turn your present auto into a hybrid, there by saving thousands of dollars on a new car payments. And just think you would only need gasoline and water to run your present auto for cleaner emissions

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    Isnít it high time for car

    Isnít it high time for car makers to think of something better then to run our cars on fossil fuel only. There are new cleaner burning fuel technologies out there! For details


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    Human release of greenhouse

    Human release of greenhouse gases is damaging our climate. I think these claims have merit. Well, how can we help reduce green house gases. One way is to release cleaner emissions into the atmosphere. Just think if you only needed gasoline and water to run your present auto in to a gas saver, and fast. Get cleaner emissions for the environment, with new water power technology. ITS EASIER THAN YOU THINK.

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    To save gas you can convert

    To save gas you can convert your car to run as a hydrogen cell fueled car that will increase your gas mileage dramatically and reduce emissions. Sounds emzaing it is being done as we speak

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    WARNING: Water is not a

    WARNING: Water is not a fuel. Be careful of any claims by folks such as the above who claim to be able to run cars off of water. At best, they're missing the energy required to convert the water into a fuel. At worst, they're scammers.

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