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    Ever feel embarassed filling up a hybrid

    Ex EV...more links to prove you are wrong about
    electric cars in Europe. I think the US government
    is killing the EV


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    Ever feel embarassed filling up a hybrid


    Thanks for the links. Unfortunately, they were nothing new to me and as is typical for Europe, they were all talk but I don't see any mention of any real cars.
    One of the links describes the Norwegians 'saving' the Ford Th!nk. That is 2 years out of date. The company has gone under since then as lip service won't make a company go. Another mention is a sale of 150 Citroens and 20 Th!nk Electrics in a 4 year period. 170 cars certainly won't cause a traffic jam, even in Denmark. I admit that I don't know much about the Citroen but I do know that the Th!nk barely qualifies as a car in my book since it tops out at 55 mph (~90 kph).
    I'd say that these articles fully back up my assessment that Europeans talk green but continue to build the same old dirty stuff.
    As I've mentioned in other (probably more appropriate topics), I fully support diesel as my preferred ICE technology if one must 'burn dead dinosaurs' in order to go anywhere. I would just prefer that it be built with a plug-in hybrid electric drivetrain to boost performance, increase efficiency, and enable even more energy alternatives (solar, wind, hydro, bio, etc).
    The problem is that incumbent auto manufacturers (US, Japanese, Korean, and European) refuse to make anything that is significantly different from what they already have in production so we don't have those options.
    If you think it is the US government that is killing alternative fuels, I won't disagree that they are a part of it but you should check out "Who Killed the Electric Car" ( see www.whokilledtheelectriccar.com for where it is showing). It looks at a lot of suspects and I pretty much agree with its assessments.
    In the mean time, enjoy your diesel. Having spent most of last year in Europe, I've driven a lot of diesels recently. None of them could come close to the performance and convenience of my EV1 but I won't disparage them. I couldn't imagine driving anything that wasn't electric when I had my EV1. You're lucky that no one is going to take your diesel away from you and crush it like they did all of the EV1's.

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    Ever feel embarassed filling up a hybrid

    In addition to what Ex EV stated, surprisingly the USA's emissions standards are actually more stringent than Europe's. Thus VW can't sell '07 diesels because they cannot meet the new EPA standards, a comparision that is not seen in Europe.

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    Ever feel embarassed filling up a hybrid

    I usually get questions from people about my HCH when I'm at the gas station. People want to know about the gas mileage and such. Always makes me feel good.

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    Are you kidding? The smug self-righteous moral superiority is one of the best perks of driving a hybrid!


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