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    Hybrid Cars Getting Stolen?

    This is written April 27, 2006 when the CA gas prices are going through the roof -- $3.30 etc per gallon for 87 and on up in some places.

    As gas prices continue to go up and up, do we Hybrid drivers have to worry (esp. with the CA yellow stickers giving it away for those cars that don't look it) about our cars getting stolen?

    Anybody had their Hybrid stolen by someone probably looking for spending less on gas?

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    Hybrid Cars Getting Stolen?

    I've been slightly worried about this, as my wife and I both drive hybrids. So I've been paying attention to reports, and haven't heard a thing about this happening...yet.

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    Hybrid Cars Getting Stolen?

    Most cars are stolen for parts, and are popular cars with alot of them on the road. Civics, camrys, accords etc 1999 to 2003 or so. There is probably not a great market for used hybrid parts as of yet because we all still seethe dealers for service not Joe's Garage .

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    Hybrid Cars Getting Stolen?

    Great Point...

    Hybrid cars would look "geeky" being "souped up," or "pimped out," whatever word you chose, unlike other cars.

    In addition, maybe paying more for service at a dealer and not an independent shop has its merits; little demand for "hot" parts.

    Lets keep our fingers crossed. In Cleveland, Ohio, where I live, cases of illegal gas siphoning from peoples' cars started to occur after a record peak around Hurricaine Katrina (when gas was $3.15/gal here). Hopefully, Hybrids won't be a "hot" item should gas go up to $5.00/gallon.

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