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    Are hybrid drivers smug?

    Well, everytime I pull up to a gas station, and see a Bush/Cheney bumper-stickered Ford Expedition or similar filling up and see them having to pay through the nose, I smile. (And smirk "what goes around comes around"). Is that being smug? I suppose it is. Do I feel guilty? Not one damn bit.

    Just saw a banner on someone's website that I think I'll duplicate for my own. Said simply:

    Vote Republican Last Time?

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    Are hybrid drivers smug?

    There are conservative, Bush voting hybrid drivers out there. And they are just as smug as the smelly green voters.

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    Are hybrid drivers smug?

    For some reason the video is not visible on a Macintosh with Safari or Firefox. I hope you have not serving this video from a Windows Computer.

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