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    The only thing that sucks

    The only thing that sucks about the site is the civic hybrid manual is INCOMPLETE. It only shows the table of contents.

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    Somewhere, some time back, I

    Somewhere, some time back, I managed to find the *full* pdf manual, without all the links nonsense. It's referred to as "unlinked", and is around 6 megs. I've been looking again recently, just to provide a link to people, but have not been able to find it.

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    I beleive the wrong grade of

    I beleive the wrong grade of oil was put in my hybrid. It was 5w20. Is that a problem? Isn't the right grade 0w20?

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    Just discovered this site.

    Just discovered this site. Not a lot of recent activity, hope the experts still visit it every so often.
    I have a 2007 HCH. Been changing the oil and filter every 6000 miles, oil life generally 30%. It's got 36,000 miles on it now. I never paid attention/noticed if the maintenance codes showed in the display (which means I did not read the manual fully).
    Q - Could the B2 or B3 code have appeared before now and were 'erased' when the dealer who changed the oil reset it to 100% ?
    Q - What sort of mileage would you expect to accumulate for the B2,3,4, or 5 codes to appear? Most driving is So. Calif freeway. The dealer wants me to shell out for a Major Service, said it should have been done at 30,000. I can't believe coolant, brake and tranny fluids have to be changed at this low a mileage.
    Thanks for your reply.

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    Hi Derek. Reading between

    Hi Derek. Reading between the lines of your post, it sounds like your dealer is ignoring the Maintenance Minder, and pushing *their* mileage (and time?) based schedule.

    As long as they're at least adhering to the requirements of the Maintenance Minder schedule, it's ok, but: part of their motivation is likely:

    to get more money out of you.

    I'd suggest to do what you can to get back to the Maintenance Minder service style. Let it run down to 15% (you can go down to 0%, personally I prefer to act at 15%), and get those items done.

    Or, you might consider doing at least some of the service items yourself. Advantages are mainly that you'll save some money, and avoid the inconvenience of having the car tied up at the dealership.

    Bare minimum, I'd change your own filters (cabin and engine), something that comes up maybe every 25~30K miles. Though, the labour charge likely lsn't much, if any, for that. At least it shouldn't be, there is nothing to it.

    Anyway, *do* start reading through your manual. Here's a current online source for the '09 Owners Manual, which is more-or-less the same:


    This is the full, linked pdf. Not sure why they're not readily available from Honda, but this is one source.

    Regarding the codes:


    First off, "A" is engine oil change *only*, ie: not engine oil and filter change. You do *not* need to change the oil filter at "A" service. Check your receipts. are they dinging you for an oil filter at *every* oil change?

    Also, how many quarts/liters are they charging you for? Oil change *only* (no filter change), the quantity to bring it to the full mark is 3.0 liters (3.2 qt). *With* filter change, the qtys. are 3.2 liter or 3.4 qt., due to the extra oil in the filter being poured out.

    But, it's not chiselled in stone that the oil must be at the full mark. Doing my own, I like to set the level a little below the full line, closer to halfway between the low and full marks. As long as you're not losing oil, this is actually the sweet spot. With/without filters changes, I routinely use 3.0 liters. FYI, I remove the oil filter at every change, but at A service I just empty it out and reinstall (re-use).

    If you do your own changes you obviously have more control over this. The dealership does not want to deal with fractions of bottles, it's a hassle to document. My experience with dealership oil changes was: they routinely put in 4.0 liters (and charged me for it), and virtually *refused* to not change oil filter at service "A".

    They have an ingrained culture of "second guessing" Honda's schedule, and it's very hard to budge them. For me the solution was simple: walk away. I *enjoy* doing my own routine maintenance, and like the control and cost savings. I still rely on the dealership for the more serious and involved items, but you're within your rights to do the mundane items yourself. As long as you are reasonably dilegent and competent, you will be ok.

    So, "B" is every *other* oil change, in my experience, and includes the oil filter change. It also includes front/rear brake inspection, tire rotation, and inspection of suspension/exhaust components, and general top-up of fluids. Some of this is important, some, well: do you really want to pay a mechanic $60+ dollars an hour to top up your windshield washer fluid...?

    BTW, tire rotation and brake inspection *should* go hand-in-hand. The tires come off for brake inspection, so it is the perfect time to also rotate them (swap them around).

    Anyway, in my experience, "A" service comes up at around 9000km (about 6000 miles?), and after another 9000km it is "B" service. Usually "A" service is just that, no extra numbers, but not always, I think. It's usually "B" service with extra numbers.

    Ok, back to codes:

    1: Rotate tires: typically at every B service, say 18000km

    2: Cabin/Engine Filter replacement: Maybe every other B service, say 36000km (check them yourself, more frequent replacement might be warranted, especially with the engine filter)

    3: Transmission fluid change, also every 3600km I think, per above. This is one service I jump the gun on, I replace mine *yearly*, my personal preference. Do *not* get suckered into doing a "flush", ie: 3~4 changes of fluid. This is *only* needed if the fluid got contaminated, say by accidentally putting in motor oil (don't ask).

    4: Replace Spark Plugs and check valve clearance: the interval for this is *very* long, not sure, but would speculate over 100,000km.

    Likely the spark plugs *will* survive that long. The stock plugs are very pricey, and very durable. I pulled ours at around 50000km, they looked pristine, apart from a little coating, which I removed with carb cleaner. Never brush, sandblast or attempt to adjust the gap with these, it will damage them.

    The valve clearance should be checked sooner, imho, but will probably "survive" to the Maintenance Minder's mileage. Still, I would do them sooner, actually much sooner. My opinion: around 20000~30000km is a good time, once the engine has fully "settled". I checked ours around 50000km, and almost all were out-of-spec, on the loose side. Not distastrously so, but worth correcting. Here's some info on how I did it:


    5: Replace Engine Coolant: I'd follow the MM for this. Not sure when it comes up, maybe every 80000~100000kms? We got a block heater put in, and this necessitated a coolant change way too early.

    IMHO, block heaters should be factory installed in all cars, both to fuel economy (if you use it...), improve engine life and to avoid wasting coolant. Also, to avoid customers getting gouged with after sales installs at the dealership, and problems associated with incompetent installs...

    Likely the only way this will happen is through legislation though.

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    I just took my 2006 Honda

    I just took my 2006 Honda civic hybrid in because my brakes were squeaking. it has 44000 miles on it. They called me back and told me i needed two new tires, and alignment plus a new cabin filter and engine filter. That would have been about $500 more dollars of work. the cabin filter they wanted me to pay $99 for can be bought online for $17!!!!!!!! and the $102 tires are $75 online!!!! nice to know Honda tried to screw me. only going there for oil changes (since they are only $33) from now on. indicator lights or not i'll have someone i trust look at car, not honda. they are liars

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    I just recently purchased

    I just recently purchased both the engine and cabin filters, retail, through our dealership parts department, they were $18.84 and $36.78 respectively, in Canadian dollars, and typically our prices are a bit *higher*.

    Assuming this is a Honda dealership you're going to, if it's at all possible I would check out another dealership, and/or contact corporate Honda. Spell out the what/when/how much of your experience, and keep your cool. It does sound like they are price gouging and pushing unneeded services.

    Honda's retail parts prices are set, and fairly steep to begin with. But this definitely is out of line, and points to an unscrupulous dealership. My personal experience is that a dealership's service department can swing from good through indifferent to bad, depending on the management. There are conscientious, honest (well semi-honest) service departments, but they do vary...

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    I change the oil when it

    I change the oil when it tells me to, it works good for me.

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    I have a new 2010 Honda

    I have a new 2010 Honda Civic coupe. Sometime in the next month, I'm taking it on a driving trip of about 5,000 miles. I don't want to stop for service at a strange dealership, etc. in another state. Should I get an oil change ahead of time (have driven only about 700 miles so far) or should I figure it'll be fine for 5,000 miles? Confused, because with my old Accords, I had maintenance schedules in the manual and now there's nothing in the Civic manual that lists miles. Do I just trust the wrench to come on? But I don't want it to come on while I'm far from home. Help, someone? Thank you. Gratefully, Confused Driver

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