I would not jump the gun, just deal with it when the Maintenance Minder comes on. As long as you're in some sort of town there's likely a Honda dealership: check online to verify.

When you push your sel/reset button (just quick presses, not press and hold) it cycles the information display (lcd display directly under the tachometer). One of the displays is the oil life. It starts at 100%, and steps down in 10% increments till 20%, then 5% increments.

At 15% the wrench symbol will come on, and persist each time you start the car, untill you press (momentarily) the sel/reset button. But the owners manual stipulates you still have to zero percent, if you like.

Personally I change the oil when it hits 15%, but you don't have to. In our experience it get's to 15% roughly every 9000km's (around 6000 miles).

Again, I would wait till the MM tells you: an early change will mess up the schedule. Also note, I believe the first oil is special, tailored for the break-in period, and it's likely bad to change it out early.

Also, if the maintenance minder says service "A", this does *not* include an oil filter change. In my experience you have to fight to avoid filter change at dealership. It's no big deal, you can cave in and let them change the filter. When I do my own service "A" changes, I take the filter off, pour out the oil and re-install it, fwiw.

BTW, I didn't know there was a civic coupe hybrid