What the dealers tell you concerning the maintenance minder is irrelevant. Just follow the book as written by Honda. The dealers never know best.

As a matter of fact, a dealership that states you should not follow the maintenance minder is a bad dealership. Please report them to your Regional Honda Office and include references to the names of the people at the dealership who made such statements. Meanwhile please do get another dealership.

The HCH-2 uses a series of cooperative algorithms that take the commulative average RPM's, vehicle mileage since last service, environment temperature ranges, average internal temperatures and average trip durations (among a few lesser ones) to derive the oil's life percentage.

Honda introduced the maintenance minder on the HCH in order to ensure that the vehicle maintenance is performed at the right time.

Please note that the first oil should not be changed anytime before the maintenance minder calls for its change. The factory oil contains additives and conditioners that are critical to the engine's long life. Honda is VERY clear about this and a dealership that does not follow the maintenance specifications for these cars is a poorly educated and trained dealership.