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    Towing with a Highlander Hybrid?

    The tow rating is 3500 lbs, we are buying a pop-up camper that has a dry weight of 2400 lbs. Anyone have experience towing anything similar?

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    Towing with a Highlander Hybrid?

    I tow a 2000 lb boat. My HiHy does extremely well. Tracks straight and feels as untaxed as my suburban used to. Mileage dips to 20 mpg though due to drag.

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    Towing with a Highlander Hybrid?

    Well picked up the camper and was pleasently surprised that it did so well towing, the overall milage did't dip greatly, I still have to figure out how to set the trip odometer for milage. we towed it about 35 miles of mixed hiway and back road driving.

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    Towing with a Highlander Hybrid?

    200 mile round trip towing, the HH did well, and averaged 21 mpg on the towing.

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    Towing with a Highlander Hybrid?

    Wow, the electric motor can pull all that weight at low speeds?!?

    Seems to put an end to the "weak car" concept upon hybrids.

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    Towing with a Highlander Hybrid?

    The HiHy supposedly has the most low-end torque of anything in the Toyota line including the Tundra.

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    Towing with a Highlander Hybrid?

    3rd long trip, to Arcadia NP (a 5 hr ride for me), still 21 to 22 MPG towing, and I could get the electric motor to tow it up to 20 mph. Had to pull a lot of hills through Maine, no problem.

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    2007 Hybrid Hilander Limited towing prewired?

    Hi all,
    I believe the towing prep package is a standard on my Hybrid Highlander Limited. And Toyota website said the prewired is included but I could not find any wires near the rear bumper. Can anybody tell me where I can locate those wires? Are they hidden some how?

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    was wondering if anyone here

    was wondering if anyone here has any experience with launching & recovering a boat with the highlander hybrid-my boat & trailer fully loaded weighs approx 870 lbs-my concern isn't being able to tow the weight as much as pulling the boat back out of the water on a slick boat ramp-any advice at all would be greatly appreciated!!!thank-greg

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    I recently purchased a RV.

    I recently purchased a RV. Trailer wieght is 2900 lbs. Towing it with my HH feels like something is holding it back. I drove down a 6 degree grade and took my foot off the gas. The top out speed was 60 mph and only had to brake once. The vehicle did not over heat and no smoke from the brakes either on the trailer or HH. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I checked with the brake control manufacturer and the local Toyota dealer. No one seems to know what is going on.



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