Good morning,

I am a graduate MBA student attending York College of Pennsylvania. This semester I am taking a Managerial Economics course and I have a term paper project that is focusing on the sales trends of Hybrid Vehicles in Noth America.. The paper will look to explain the sale of hybrid vehciles using a regression analysis model using Least Ordinary Squares.

I have a research related question. I am in the data gather phase of my project and I am trying to get Hybrid sales figures in Noth America from 2000 through 2005. Specifically I am looking for annual sales data. Ideally, the data would be extremely more relevant for use in the regression model if I could find sales figures monthly and by state. Your site have been very helpful in many respects especially with aggreate sales numbers.

I have searched exhaustively on many sites and in the library to try to get the granular data required for my paper but have not been sucessful.

I was wondering if you could help direct me in some way.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you