I have several questions.

1. My computer shows an average of 23 mpg. Can I rely on this, or should I be calculating this figure myself by measuring gas usage to actual mileage.

2. I am surprised the GPS can not calculate actual arrival time at your destination? The GPS assumes your driving speed (by the type road your on) and estimates your arrival time. How silly. The GPS knows your actual speed, so why doesn't it use this knowledge to calculate your arrival time?

3. Most important. Why isn't there an electric only push button. If I do not need the extra power of the gas engine, why can't I simply shut the gas engine off at times when the extra power is not needed?

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Overall, I am very happy with my Highlander which now has about 7000 miles. I am dissapointed with the gas mileage, if the on board computer is correct, which I suspect it is not. If the on board computer can not determine actual arrival time, how can it determine gas mileage?