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    Prius rental, Houston

    Any idea whether any of the airport rental agencies in Houston (IAH) will rent a Prius or other hybrid?

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    Prius rental, Houston

    hahaha that's a good one....Houston in still so assbackawards they wouldn't dare have any hybrids available to rent in this oil greedy city.

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    Prius rental, Houston

    Toyota has a rental program through some dealers, Don McGill Toyota shows up on the Toyota rent a car website as a participting dealer.


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    Prius rental, Houston

    there is ONE Prius available for rental by Toyota in all of Houston.

    also - you will most likely be limited to 100 miles a day before they start charging 20 cents a mile. It's 50$/day rental. This is really just meant to be an extended test drive before you buy, not an actual rental.

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    Prius rental, Houston

    try to avoid renting cars at BUSH Intercontinental Airport. It has the highest taxes and add on fees of every airport in the country, doubling the rate of any rental. The rental complex however is conveneient, so if you dont care about the money, the service is fine.

    Hobby Airport, the one Southwest uses, is much less expensive, and some locations very near Bush on JFK BLVD are also less expensive.

    I agree that oil companies are an obstacle to efficient mass transit solutions in Houston and the Yellow Cab ( our drivers are never insured and we don't allow hardly any competition) situation is worse.

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    I remember when I first

    I remember when I first landed in Houston and searched for a car rental company. I know that companies near the airport have bigger prices and searched on the internet something besides those companies. In the end I chose Fox Rent A Car, in those times you could find only posters with hybrid cars on the internet, now a lot of them have hybrid cars for rent due to high demand from the customers. I suggest not searching for airport rental agencies, the prices are too big, try other companies in Houston and I am sure you will find a good hybrid car.

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