Several weeks ago I got a ten-horsepower DC electric motor and installed a four-bladed three-foot-diameter propeller on the shaft. I mounted it above the trunk-lid, facing backward, using a framework made of Uni-Strut which is attached to the roof-rack and bicycle-rack connectors of my 2002 Prius. I wired it to a simple on-off switch connected to the main battery. I now have an electric-motor-driven pusher-propeller driven automobile! My gas mileage has increased from 50 miles per gallon to over 90 miles per gallon. The only problem is the noise of the propeller is very loud.

Apr. 1, 2006

I have seen Nikola's Prius on the freeway and while it looks strange, you really can't see the propeller when it's turning. Isn't that dangerous?

Apr. 1, 2006

Fred. I will put a shroud on the propellor later, but nobody is anywhere near the propellor when it's turning as I only run it when I am moving on the highway.

PS - I learned the hard way today to keep all the windows closed when using the propeller. My hat fell off and got sucked through it!