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    Escape Hy Maintenance Plans and PremiumC

    I am about the pick up my '06 FWD FEH and I am freaked & confused! I have two questions and I would greatly appreciate any assistance:

    1. Did you purchase the Maintenance Plan (Premium) from Ford? If so, why and also, if you don't mind, please share how much you paid?

    2. Did you purchase the PremiumCARE extended warranty and why? Also please share if comfortable for you- how much you paid?


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    Escape Hy Maintenance Plans and PremiumC


    I didn't get either because hybrids should be, and from what I have seen, are proving to be some of the most trouble free vehicles on the road. Also they come with an 8 or 10 year warranty on the expensive hybrid components. There are always exceptions but most people are wasting their money on dealer extended warranties. Also you will find a lot of places wanting to sell you much lower cost warranties just before your three year full coverage from the dealer runs out. By that time you should know if the FEH is having any significant problems.

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    Escape Hy Maintenance Plans and PremiumC

    Forgot to mention that the hybrids are also low maintenance. Engine oil changes are less often than regular vehicles (once a year or 7,500 miles on the FEH if I remember correctly), they don't require transmission oil changes, brakes last about 100,000 miles, the 12 volt battery will last a long time because it doesn't start the engine, even the light bulbs last much longer because the voltages are better regulated. The dealer probably loves selling maintenance packages for the hybrids since he will have almost nothing to do.

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