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    I just drove from Los

    I just drove from Los Angeles to Colorado Springs and back through the Rockies. My car was hesitating A LOT when I hit higher altitudes. Normally it doesn't have the greatest get up and go up hills but I was actually wondering if the car would make it. I've had no other major issues with the car until now... I have concern with its performance. I will definitely take it to the dealer to ask questions.

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    2008 Prius. Just got back

    2008 Prius. Just got back from a 3000 mile trip from Los Angeles to Denver. Weather in the 90s as well as lots of high altitude driving through mouth passes over 11,000 feet. Performance I gauged as very good though a little slow above 10,000 feet. What I did notice was battery constantly draining down. Lots of times just one or 2 purple bars. Very concerned about this and I stopped at a local Toyota dealership in Colorado Springs and was assured that this is very common and normal. Never had a problem with the car running. Just concerned about the low battery level. What most impressed me was that for the entire trip mileage was 45 miles per gallon. I love the car.

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