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    Should the government raises gas tax?

    I think it is time for the government to raises the gas tax. what do you think? This creat a market for smaller cars. people might car pool more than they do now. this would also help make us less dependent on imported oil.

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    Should the government raises gas tax?

    Unfortunately I think this is one of the only ways to get Americans to recognize the dire circumstances we are in regarding our energy use. However, it won't be popular and it's almost guaranteed that whoever passes this into law will not be re-elected which means that no sane politician will push for it.

    Look what happened during the 1970's, we're just repeating history, and adjusted for inflation are only paying a fraction of what we/our parents did back then. All signs are pointing to gas prices climbing higher and higher. Eventually the fair market price will do what the gas tax would (we're starting to see it now) and push Americans toward more fuel economical autos.

    Hybrids are the tip of the iceberg in terms of where we need to go in our energy conservation.

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    Should the government raises gas tax?

    I would like to see the gas tax raised. And as much as I dislike "earmarks" I would like to see the money earmarked for tax breaks for consumer to buy the highest fuel-efficient cars on the market....maybe the top five or so.

    I would even go several steps beyond a gas tax. Since burning gas/diesel/etc. causes many health-related, global warming, pollution, and national security problems, I would like to see separate, large taxes on the vehicle you purchase that would cover: health care costs, DoD costs, global warming costs and national security costs.

    Say, $1000 for Priuses, but $5000 for vehicles that get 1/5th the mileage of the Prius....but that should be $5000 for EACH of the categories above.

    You should be able to buy any vehicle you want, but you should take responsibility for your chosen lifestyle.

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