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    Consumer Reports Retracts flawed Hybrid

    The Passat is not cramped. I had a rare opportunity to ride in the back seat and I had plenty of room (I'm 5"11").

    Our Jetta is rated by the Canadian gov't for 51.5 mpg on the highway and it can and does meet that. It is a better comparison to your Civic as the Passat weights 3500 lb.

    On top of that, it's a station wagon which is very handy, though I admit rear seat space is a bit tight.

    In my daily commuting, if I'm not lead-footed, it can give me over 800 miles per tank of fuel.

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    Consumer Reports Retracts flawed Hybrid

    I might add that our Passat sedan also has a fold-down rear seat, something the HCH lacks. This would be a major inconvenience for me.

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