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    Unfortunately, Ford put the battery pack under the deck of the cargo compartment instead of neatly squeezing it into voids outside the cab. This means there appears to be no hope of putting in a row of seats back there. I agree that perhaps there might not be enough room anyway though.
    Too bad a good hybrid mini-van isn't available. For people who need more than 5 seats, the Highlander is the only choice today.

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    This is absolutely silly. a third row seat isn't even an option on the Non-hybrid escape, so what does battery placement have to do with it?
    It's a COMPACT SUV, there wouldn't even be room for a seat for one person sitting sideways!

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    The highlander hybrid's third-row seat is a joke. Actually, almost every third-row seat in an suv today is a joke. Only the suburban has a real third seat. Why don't they make a suburban hybrid? They already make a silverado hybrid (the suburban is mechanically identical and is built on the same platform). They could also make an Escalade esv hybrid (that is the same thing as the suburban) that way all the hip-hop videos could also promote hybrids as well as their big cadillacs. Pimpin' out and bein' green...

    How about the old oldsmobile custom cruiser diesel or mercedes-benz diesel wagons? They have real third seats.

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    I have kids back there on beach trips,it's fine for them. And now instead of taking 2 explorer's we take 1 HiHy.

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    Granted the rear seats are small, however, I was able to put my 6'4" into one and could certainly ride in it for short distances. For kids, however, they should be fine, even for longer trips.

    I agree that a real hybrid station wagon such as the Custom Cruiser would be great. That was probably overall the best car I've ever driven as far as practicality goes. Applying hybrid (or maybe even hybrid diesel) tech to it to get 40+ mpg (I exceeded 22 mpg on a few road trips in the early '80's in the regular gasoline version) would make for an awesome family vehicle.

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    The mythical hybrid Sienna is reported as getting into the 40 mpg range and is a great people mover, I just needed something that could tow as well.

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    A better application for a minivan would be onto the flex-fuel Chrysler minivans.

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