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    FEH Problems Going EV

    Over the pass year, Ive encountered times when the FEH would not go EV under 40mph with the standard double tap of the brakes or "L" shift. Have any of you found this and have the answer as to why? The A/C max and defrost are off when this happens.


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    FEH Problems Going EV


    I think you know that the FEH uses the air conditioner to cool the battery. If not, take a look under the FEH near the battery compartment and you will see the AC hoses that go to the battery compartment. I know you drive to use the battery as much as possible for the best gas milage. When you get the battery hot, either charging or discharging, the FEH insists on running the engine to cool off the battery. The other time the FEH will run the engine is to keep it up to temperature. On cold days I have been able keep the engine off for long enough that it gets cold and restarts just to warm up again. Does your ScanGauge report engine temp? If it does, you should be able to tell if it is in a warm up mode by watching the normal temperature range. I think the on board diagnostics also report the battery temperature but don't know if the ScanGauge does.

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    FEH Problems Going EV

    Jay, I think you nailed it. Sometimes the battery level will not go to the top of the charge when this happens. The manual and Helms shop manual fall short in giving you detail information about this stuff so I started reading the patents on the FEH. The battery control modual can stop regeneration braking when things get to hot or the battery is full. When you do the double tap or use "L" to go EV, the battery sends a signal of a overload.

    Most of the time I have to stop the FEH and hold the brake till the engine shuts down. Now I think the answer is shift to "N" (no regen) and tap the brakes more than a double tap though. It seems to be working and the ICE shuts down without stopping now.

    After reading the regen and other patents, It appears these sensors control the internal temp, while the A/C and heater control both the internal and more the external temps on the battery.

    Here is the patent on regen but I have found alot more patents on other subjects on the FEH.

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