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    This technology has some

    This technology has some very promising results for sure. I'd love to try and combine water hybrid technology and hydraulics into one system. I think increases in efficiency would be tremendous based on what I've seen so far.

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    Video of the Artemis BMW

    Video of the Artemis BMW driving


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    GM built a hydraulic drive

    GM built a hydraulic drive Blazer in 1972.
    Never released to the public, but we drove it around our plant site,
    until it was broken. Two dudes came down with suits and took every part back with them. Very hush hush.

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    Hydraulic drive trains are

    Hydraulic drive trains are different than the hydrolic hybrids described here that really use compressed gas to store energy. Hydraulic drive trains are generally a means of allowing an ICE to operate at constant RPM for high efficiency while allowing the wheels or other PTO to operate at the speed that it needs to. It benefits from the ability to adjust to fast speed changes. They seem to work great in slow machines such as tractors or skip loaders but I've never heard of them working well in automobiles. I don't know why though.

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    They aren't great in

    They aren't great in automobiles because their efficiency under part load is shockingly bad despite their high power density. Hopefully some of these new technologies will improve on that or else they will be back to the farm.

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    Hybrid tech and effeciency

    Hybrid tech and effeciency has left out the truck and work vehicle market completely. It is time at least one manufacturer addressed the needs of work vehicles. I cannot have a hybrid vehicle as a work truck yet because I need to pull heavy loads into challenging terrain. At a minimum, I need a 3/4 ton 4x4 for true work purposes. I do not need leather seats or a 6 CD changer. The hybrid revolution has completely ignored the needs of work vehicles.

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    In these trucks, have a lots

    In these trucks, have a lots of potential for fuel savings, i think in the future hydraulic trucks have the potential to bet the electric hybrids

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    I didnīt hear anything

    I didnīt hear anything about Fordīs initiative, but if this is true I hope they will finish it soon. I once asked at a Dodge Ft Lauderdale agency if people are willing to buy hybrid trucks. It seems that a lot of truck drivers want a hybrid alternative.

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    I think if can tow 4000lb 20

    I think if can tow 4000lb 20 times a year and still look and drive straight and smooth after 10 years then and only then it's a truck. A uniibody, FWD Hybrid will have lots of proving to do and it's not the market.

    That said, I do think we will some form of kinetic Energy Brake recovery hybrid truck in 2013 or 2014. Maybe hydraulic hybrid, maybe flywheel. It will likely be FWD and Unibody. If it can tow 4000lb and do 25mpg city it will be revolutionary and will break all sorts of sales records.


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