I've been shopping for a year old (2011) Prius or possibly a new one. I wasn't going to buy new, totally goes against my grain, but I have a chronic bad back and I could swear that the seat hurt my back too, and that's just after test drives. However, today I test drove the 2012 Prius IV, it has an electronically, fully adjustable driver's side seat that is MUCH more comfortable. (They have switched from leather to something called "soft touch" in this higher end model.) At least it was in the test drive. All the other Prius', including the high end 2011 models, only had manual adjustment and it didn't allow for adjusting the seat bottom, and wasn't as exacting. This electronic one, with built-in adjustable lumbar support, really seemed to make the difference. It seems awful to have to buy this more expensive model to be comfortable, but I just may have to. Anyone out there already driving the 2012 Prius IV? Do you find these fully adjustable seats to be comfortable?