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    I had a test-drive with the

    I had a test-drive with the Prius and could not believe how bad the seat felt. It must have been designed by some sofa scrambling teenagers. They make absolutely no sense to my or my spouses back. Also the leg support is missing, witch results in tired knees after a while. Then the hand brake ( foot hand brake ) comes in the way when one wants to stretch out the left leg. Nice for short legs
    Hey Toyota ! check out a BMW z1 or so to learn something about car interior design that is corresponding to human body ergonomics. That would get me back on the Prius road. Until then : Ouch !

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    I bought my Prius about a

    I bought my Prius about a month ago and it's killing my back too. Before I purchased it I rented it from Hertz for a few days to see if I'd like it and I don't recall it bothering my back then. I'm miserable in this car. I'm loving the mpg, but the back pain is almost too much to deal with.

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    I think the Prius hybrid

    I think the Prius hybrid car's are very much popular in the develop countries now in developing countries like india many companies are coming with hybrid car's.

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    We have a Prius and my back

    We have a Prius and my back started really hurting....I hated the thought of riding in it. Went to the Chiropractor and he said at least 5 patients have said the Prius was giving them back pain. Maybe they should have a recall !

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    I have a 2010 prius and as a

    I have a 2010 prius and as a result of the uncomfortable seats, I now have bursitis of the hips. I was sitting all day in folding chairs for the past week, and my hips felt fine. My first day back in my prius and I'm in pain again. This is horrible.

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    I find my Prius (2008) seat

    I find my Prius (2008) seat to be quite comfortable. Have taken several 1,000+ mile trips with no discomfort whatsoever. And I have 3 slipped disks, and arthritic knee.

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    Very glad I found this

    Very glad I found this thread! I just bought a 2008 Prius and LOVE my car. But it is indeed killing my back. And never ever had a back prob before. I do triathlons and marathons and I cannot even walk at the moment. Crazy. I will see a chiropractor next week and hope to find a seat solution. I'd ever get rid of my Prius because of my back. I will find a better seat solution though. Strange that it is such an uncomfy seat. I'm tall though too. Wonder if that has anything to do with it? Interesting stuff!

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    I meant Never get rid of

    I meant Never get rid of car. I'd never get rid of it. lol. I do love the car. But those seats are definitely OUCH.

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    I test drove a Prius

    I test drove a Prius yesterday for about 15 minutes and my back still hurts today. They ofered me a great deal and I love the tought of a 50mpg car, but I don't think I can go through with the deal for fear of becoming a cripple. Toyotas used to have good ergonomic design so not sure what happened...

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    I'm with you. Amazed how

    I'm with you. Amazed how uncomfortable my 2007 is! Feel better having found this site. It is Not US!!!

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