I've mentioned it many different threads but I wanted more noticeable place for potential buyers. If you are considering buying a hybrid and you aren't in a CARB state please check the emissions sticker under the hood before buying. Not all hybrids are created equal. Check the emissions sticker and if the rating is poor don't buy it. Tell the dealer that you want the cleaner version of the car. This doesn't apply to the Toyota Pruis since they did the right thing and sell one clean version throughout the whole country. But Honda has been misleading and selling different versions that aren't nearly as clean as the SULEV or PZEV versions you hear about in the press and in marketing. Federal law requires the rating to be in the engine compartment. Tier 2 is the current system and the "bins" go from 1 to 10, with 1 being the cleanest. Bin 5 is the "average new car". Don't buy one that is lower than bin 5. For those of you that bought without checking maybe you should check now and then write Honda telling them of your disappointment. Pressure Honda to do the right thing and sell only the cleanest hybrids everywhere! Some of the older hybrids will fall under Tier 1 since Tier 2 is relatively new. Some current owners won't like hearing this and may refuse to believe me so I'll put on my flame suit.