I know I am going to get some flack for this post but here goes ...

I made a road trip this weekend from Washington, DC to Raleigh, NC. Most of the trip consisted of interstate 95. Its not exactly flat, level driving and there is some traffic to consider. I drive a 05 HAH. I had a full trunk and a passenger. For those of you who are familar with the HAH w/ navigation, it has a trip computer that shows the instantaneous mpg in a bar graph.

During the trip to NC, I did very little hard accelerations and just rode with the traffic (about 70-75 mph). I noticed the bar graph would stay between 40 and 60 mpg when "eco" was on. Overall, I averaged 33 mpg.

On the trip back to DC, I happened to get stuck behind a large tall van for a few miles. At this point, I was driving faster 75-80 mph. What I noticed was my mpg was between 60 and 80 on the bar graph. So, I intentionally stayed behind him and was watching my mpg gradually increase. Because there was less wind resistance, I was getting higher mpg. Overall, after drafting behind other vans and SUV's, I was able to average 38 mpg.