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    Removing CA Stickers? Possible?

    I just received my clean air stickers in the mail today (45,XXX) from the DMV. I will place them on my car and use them for just under 2 years. But they expire Dec 31st 2007 (techically Jan 1, 2008, but that's just under 2 years time).

    Just curious: is there any way to remove them without removing the paint? I know trying to remove them now will tear the sticker or something which will make it invalid. I have no desire to do so now. But when they become invalid (assuming the law is not renewed) there will be a lot of people that will eventually want to remove them. It might be worth waiting a few months after Jan 1 2008 of course, to see what happens just in case, but eventually, there will be lots of people who will want to remove them if they become completely useless.

    So my question: How can this be done? It says if you try to remove the stickers they will become unusable. Does that mean it will shred or something? I'm just curious, before applying these stickers to my new 06 HCH, will they ever be able to be removed nicely (even if it renders them invalid?)

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    Removing CA Stickers? Possible?

    After two years, even if you do manage to remove them totally cleanly, you will have two years' worth of sun-bleaching on the paint around them and unbleached shaded paint where the stickers used to be. Tan-lines, essentially.

    Somewhere on the California DMV website there used to be a phone number to call the OEM manufacturer of the stickers...but I can't find it.

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    Removing CA Stickers? Possible?

    The DMV a note to call 3m technical support, which was kind of swamping them. I did call, and they sent me an electronic document (directions to it on the web, below). It is a general document not specific to our sticker material. Another call, and they said the sticker adhesive isn't anything unusual and suggested this basic approach:

    Peel off whatever will come off by peeling. This will mostly leave adhesive.
    Remove the remaining adhesive with adhesive remover, citrus based cleaner, or packing tape (to tack it off).
    The adhesive will be softer on hot days, and that might be a good thing.

    When our stickers lapse, I guess we have four of them on which to hone our technique and make up our own minds.

    For the document, go to:
    Select US as the country
    choose Product Information:Technical Bulletins (left sidebar)
    choose Instruction Bulletins (in page content)
    choose Section 6: Installation, . . . (end of page content)
    Good luck, hope they don't change their layout.

    (to get a valid email, remove all the e's)

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