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    Standing Out vs. Blending In

    We own a 2001 and a 2004 Prius and a firm believers that it is important to make a statement with the car. We didn't buy either because we needed a new car or to save money, we bought them because they put out fewer emissions and use less of this earth's natural resources.

    One way to promote environmentally responsible behavior is to make others aware that it doesn't always require a sacrifice. The Civic Hybrid was not available when we purchased the 2001 but I want to advertise how easy it is to be green.

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    How old or you? What

    How old or you?

    What sex?

    How much money do you make in comparison to the 6+ billion people living on Earth?

    Not all human beings can wear transportation,
    but many Americans enjoy this priviledge!

    Consider yourself lucky,
    like the Top 1% in the world!!!

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    Sure anonymous is making a

    Sure anonymous is making a statement and lucky to be in his position, but so are SUV, jeep, and truck drivers who drive with one person, no cargo, and never leave the city. I prefer anonymous.

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    How easy it is to be green?

    How easy it is to be green? LOL sir surely you do jest! Look at the price of these technologies due to lack of wide scale adaptation and manufacture because of special interest groups like the oil industry.
    Who do you work for in reality?

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