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    Toyota Highlander Hybrid(2006)

    My wife and I are planning at looking at the Toyota Highlander hybrid and i was wondering if anyone has or had one ,and if there is any problems related with the vechile. Any help will be helpful.

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    Toyota Highlander Hybrid(2006)

    Check Out Edmunds.com. Love mind. Getting 26.6 on trip to Florida From New York. Also checkout Edmunds.com forum on the 2006 Highlander.

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    Toyota Highlander Hybrid(2006)

    Just bought one last nite. No probelms yet ( wink ).

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    Toyota Highlander Hybrid(2006)

    We just bought one, too! According to Consumer Reports it's the best Mid-sized SUV out there (even beat out the regular gasoline model). Now that we've gone through two tanks of gas and about 800 miles, I can tell you it's the quietest, best riding, most power vehicle I've ever been in.

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    2006 Toyota Highlander

    I actually have a 2006 Toyota Highlander and need to sell it for financial reasons, it has under 6000 miles and I am looking for someone that will buy it at what I owe...I really love my SUV it is one of the best ones out there. Let me know if your interested.

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