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    Lithium Batteries & What They Mean

    I've been in the ev car business since the late 90's and we have a saying about battery claims. "There are liars, damn lairs, and battery suppliers."

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    Lithium Batteries & What They Mean

    In response to the comment about liars and battery suppliers, at a September, California ZEV symposium, on the same day that a power point presentation from Toyota said present batteries are not technologically or economically feasible for PHEV, there was a PhD battery guy saying his Titanium nano technology battery would (my words) get the job done.

    So what's the truth? I work with Pb batteries in solar systems every day and priced a Li-Phosphate equivalent at about ten times the price of Lead although about half the weight and better cycle life.

    If the Toyota comment is based on what I was quoted, I have to agree with Toyota. If there really is an economical battery out there, let's see it.

    On the other hand, having been in the solar electricity business since 1982, I have heard about low cost solar (made from unobtainium) ever since up to today. Nevertheless, solar electricity is less expensive than $3/gallon gasoline and if it got the same subsidies as oil, it would be even less expensive. No way do we have a level playing field here.

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    Lithium Batteries & What They Mean

    Ther is already an existence of a breakthrough in 42 volts battery pack, fast charged in 10 minutes, 20 years plus battery life, met Dept. of Transportation DOE baseline standards for Lithium Ion 42 volts battery pack, safe on all temperature conditions, environmentally safe cause it made the cathodes practically inert freeing it from chemical reactions volatility, it's light, able to configure in what ever size the manufacture specify. The company called Altair Nanotech, the battery pack is called the Nano-Safe Battery.

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    Hello there, I have here an article which I lifted from the net which tells about the capacity of a hybrid car battery...Hope this might help...

    LiMnO2 hybrid battery cells deliver longer life, higher capacity

    By Paul O'Shea

    Courtesy of eeProductCenter
    (08/23/2007 3:34 PM EDT)

    Fair Lawn, N.J. Maxell Corporation of America has introduced its next-generation of lithium manganese dioxide (LiMnO2) cylindrical hybrid battery cells with longer life and higher capacity for automatic meter readers, security devices and RF applications. These advanced hybrid cells will operate for more than 10 years and offer about nine percent higher capacity compared to similar cells currently available.
    The CR17450 and CR17335 cells, designed to industry standard sizes, are laser sealed and exhibit a low self-discharge making them suitable for long-term extended life applications of 10+ years. The wide operational temperature range of -40 to +80C with an improved heatproof temperature of +90C to 100 C and internal minute short-circuit prevention are said to make these cells intrinsically safe.
    The CR17450 offers a typical capacity of 2600 mAh, while the CR17335 provides a typical capacity of 1750 mAh. The cells offer a voltage rating of 3.0 volts and feature a stable sloping discharge curve at various depths of discharge, allowing for accurate prediction of end of life.
    The CR17450 measures 17 mm in diameter and 45 mm in length and weighs 22g. The CR17335 also has a diameter of 17 mm with a 33.5-mm length and weighs 16g.
    The CR17450 and CR17335 cells will be displayed for the first time at the AMRA 2007 (Automatic Meter Reader Association) show in Reno, Nev., October 1-3, 2007. Maxell will also attend the AISI Security Show in Las Vegas, Nev., September 24-26.
    As a hybrid car owner, I am well satisfied with its performance as well as with its auto parts like my honda computer chip and of course, its battery and its other accessories...

    Pricing: Samples are priced in the $5.00 range with a delivery of 60 to 90 days.
    Product information: CR17450 and CR17335
    Maxell Corporation of America, www.maxell.com

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