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    My '01 Prius was just

    My '01 Prius was just serviced, tuned up. Well, like the other entries it suddenly lost power. all the triangle icons with exclamation marks came on. I had to have it towed to a dealership. Waiting till Monday to find out what's wrong.

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    I have a 05 Prius that I

    I have a 05 Prius that I love but when I have the car in park but running and the gas motor kicks in, the car will actually move forward. I've had to keep my foot on the brake when parked! Has anyone had this problem and if I took the car to the dealer, should I insist on a replacement of the fuel pedal relay? Thanks for any insight.

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    If the car is "truely" in

    If the car is "truely" in PARK, it CANNOT MOVE. The transmission locks. If the car is moving forward, there is something wrong with the transmission, it is NOT actually in the "park" mode. No matter what the display on the dashboard says.

    Test this by having the car rolling forward VERY slowly. Just barely creeping. then hit "park" button.

    Car should stop moving and STAY stopped. If the car moves, the transmission is NOT in "park".

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    I've had a similar problem

    I've had a similar problem to Jan.

    Every time it happened, I thought I was in park, but I had it in drive with the parking break on.

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    Jan, I have a regional

    Jan, I have a regional service manager from my local toyota dealership meeting with me next Tuesday to discuss this very problem. When in park and the gas motor kicks in, my car lunges forward. The same thing happens if I am driving and stopped in traffic. I don't keep my foot on the brake really hard the whole time; I let off a bit while sitting there. If the gas motor kicks in, my car will surge forward and I have to press my foot down hard to get it to stop.

    Glad I am not the only one.

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    that is just the gas motor

    that is just the gas motor kicking in with the electric motor. I have an 08 and it does the same. and you know what IT IS NOT THAT BAD!!!! God the people that all they do is complain about the prius are killing me. just trade the thing in if you dont like it. The lunge forward is nothing, the car barely moves. I dont know about you but gas prices are going up again and i am getting 53 mpg.

    God just suck it up and quit complaining.

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    I was stopped in a long long

    I was stopped in a long long queue at a red light when this happened. I wasn't looking up, and my car plowed into the car in front of me. THis caught me by surprise, and I couldn't understand how this had happened - I was braking the whole time! Now I'm paying higher insurance costs for 3 years because of the claim. I would like to share responsibility for this accident w/ the design of my car, and think a warning that this could happen would not have been out of place.

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    My 05 prius had this surging

    My 05 prius had this surging problem for over 40 mins in the highway, very scared. After 40 mins, there is a hugh surging like going up to a bump. Then everything is fine. I think cruise control has some effect on it. I will try to see dealer tomorrow.

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