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    mp3 compatability for Prius

    anyone who has the 2006 prius yet: I have a question!

    Does the mp3 CD player read the file name on the disc or the ID tags?

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    mp3 compatability for Prius

    Well Brad, as you know I have had my Prius for about 24 hours now so...but so far in my experience the CD play does not read tags on either commerical CD's of various ages or on home burned CD's. I was disappointed not to see the CD and track names. I don't really understand this since these same CD's will display that info when I put them in my laptop....

    I would love to hear if you get a real answer on this...
    '06 Prius #7, Black (I have been waiting for three years to add that to my sig line!)

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    mp3 compatability for Prius

    Update - I copied (not burned) some files to a CD and put that in the car and lo and behold folder and files names appeared on the screen....

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    mp3 compatability for Prius

    oh, well what you're talking about is audio cds. those read the cd text files. i was talking about mp3 cds. mp3s come with id tags that have the info on them, separate from the file name. from other sources, ive heard that the prius does display the tag info on mp3cds.

    what you're talking about (computer displays labels) is when the media player connects to the internet to download the data (artist and track info) for the cd. then, if you burn it, it adds the cd text file.

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