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    Considering maintenance and repair, are hybrid cars worth buying

    Hybrids are expensive to construct because the manufacturer needs to develop and install two motors instead of one. Plus, the complex vehicles also contain a regeneration system that is used while the driver breaks, gathering energy generated as the vehicle is brought to a stop. These three components are intricate and costly.

    The cost of constructing a hybrid car is reflected on the sticker price. Hybrids are considerably more expensive than traditional cars that run solely on gasoline. They are also more expensive to repair. The three systems that comprise the hybrid’s inner workings interact together. When one system fails, they all fail. Since the cars are relatively new to the market, owners can expect to pay hefty repair costs.

    The government is trying to offset the high cost of the hybrid car by offering a tax incentive to individuals who buy the vehicles. However, the tax incentive is not enough to cover the difference between the hybrid and the traditional gasoline-run ca

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    I was just gonna reply to this but then saw the user banned if my screen says correctly. So I don't think response to this thread matters.

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