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    cost to replace battery

    I am looking into the Ford Escape Hybrid and have found lots of info on it. I am completely impressed and fell in love when I test drove one.

    My question (that no one seems to be able to answer) is what does it cost to replace the NiMH battery? Dealers give at least a 6 yr warranty...but after that?

    Any ideas or sources I can look for the answer...

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    cost to replace battery

    I don't know about Ford but there was a Honda Insight that had it's pack replaced for new at a dealer for about $2,500.
    There was another one which chose a guaranteed good one for substantially less.

    I try to keep all my vehicles to 10 years or "when the wheels fall off".
    In 10 years my Civic Hybrid will exceed 350K miles.

    My Honda STD battery warranty carried it to 7 years and 100K miles and 3 years/60K drive train, but since I'm going so far I got the extended warranty which brings to 10 years/150K miles for the battery and 7yrs/70K on all drive train parts (Hybrid parts included)

    Sometime along the way I expect the battery to go bad after the warranty had expired. 175K? 250K miles?
    If that's the case I'll probably seek one of those guaranteed used ones or just drive it with a low capacity battery.

    However I'm not sure if you can drive the Ford with a failing battery.

    I'd check with your Ford dealer about extended warranty coverage, I'd bet they have some plans available. I too was concerned about that.
    I think I bought peace of mind more than anything else.

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    cost to replace battery

    The price is about $7,000 right now. I would not be concerned unless you drive 100,000 miles in less than 6 years but I think your covered for 8yrs.

    The high voltage battery will most likely out last the FEH the way its designed and protected. The cost is likely to go down and the quality is likely to get better after time. You may just want to change your battery in the distant furture to drive longer in electric vehicle to save more gas, who knows.


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    cost to replace battery

    The Escape battery is warranteed for eight years or 100,000 miles. Additionally, they can be found in the wrecking yards, if it came to that. A recent Prius batter went for about $455 on ebay. Had about 50 miles on the vehicle when it was totaled. Looks like a simple change out to me. On the scale of things to worry about -- 1 being the most important and 100 the least important, I would rank this worry about 350 or so.

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    cost to replace battery

    Gary wrote:
    "The price is about $7,000 right now"

    How did you learn about this price?

    A good place to check is with the folks at:

    That's where I got my figures.

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    cost to replace battery

    The quote I gave was from a large Ford Parts Dept I got 8 months ago.

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