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    FEH Double Brake Tap

    OK, so I'm getting better gas mileage as I'm employing some of the tips and tricks I'm picking up from these message boards but I'm still having trouble with what seems should be the most simple trick to driving the FEH.
    I see all this discussion of cutting the ICE off by double-pumping the brakes, but I swear I cannot get this to work. The only time the ICE shuts down after I double-tap the brakes is when the MPH and RPMs are so low that I think the engine is about to shut off anyway. I have no problems killing the ICE with L gear, but this brake thing is a mystery to me.
    Am I missing something?

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    FEH Double Brake Tap

    Don't know why its not working for you but here's what I do.

    It only works under 40mph. Sometimes neither method will work due to a hang up in the computer (which you have to stop for about 15 seconds), max AC or defrost on or just the computer controling charging and discharging.

    A light tap to signal regenerative brakes twice under 40mph works for me about 95% of the time. I have a '05 FWD FEH with 16,000 miles and its worked fine. My foot must be off the gas as you should only drive an auto with one foot.

    Check to see if your charge/assist needle swings to charge when you hit the brakes lightly. There could be something wrong there.


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    FEH Double Brake Tap

    Gary and RJ - is there a difference between a manual and automatic transmission? (Just guessing...?)

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    FEH Double Brake Tap

    Mine's an automatic (I think they all are).
    I tried it throughout the day today and it didn't work for me even when I thought the ICE should have been close to shuttung down on its own.
    I bought my AWD used (A Ford Exec Vehicle) and only recently got the CDs for the NAV system. The one for the Southeast won't even load and while I have to wonder if it's just the CD itself, I have had some other problems with CDs too. I think I need to get in to a dealership to have that looked over anyway so maybe I'll ask them about the double tap.

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    FEH Double Brake Tap

    The FEH uses a Electronically Controlled Variable Transaxle (ECVT) which is automatic. There is no reverse gear, the electric motor just reverses. And "L" is not a low gear, it activates the generator which feels like a lower gear. Using "L" can aid in recharging the high voltage battery when driving EV alot.

    Cold weather (below 55 degree F) can also cause problems getting into EV with double tap or "L".

    Sounds like the CD player needs to be looked at by the dealer.


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