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    Honda Accord Hybrid Crappy MPG

    I have been driving my Accord Hybrid for about 4 months and I have yet to get a tank average above 28.4 mpg. I have driven quite a bit on the highway where the mpg is higher, but still have never gotten higher than the 28.4mpg. I am frustrated and have considered talking to an attorney based on the false advertising of Honda.

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    Honda Accord Hybrid Crappy MPG

    First of all, you wouldn't win any "false advertising" claim. You're experiencing the same type of reduced mileage that hybrid owners, nay, car owners have experienced. If you're gonna take anyone to court, take the EPA. They are the ones that set the tests (established circa 1960) that give the estimated fuel economy. All car advertisements say "actual results may vary". Regardless, you're getting better mileage than you would in a nonhybrid Accord v6.

    Next, a lot of the mileage has to do with how you drive. Yes, it's a v6 and fun to press the gas (I currently drive a v6 maxima), but you'll get much better mileage if you monitor how much work your electric motor does vs your gasoline engine.

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    Honda Accord Hybrid Crappy MPG

    I don't necessarily agree that the fault is entirely the EPA's.

    I drive a 2005 Passat TDI (diesel); the EPA rates the highway mileage at 38 mpg; the Canadian government, on the other hand, rates it at 42 mpg. I have no trouble meeting or beating the Canadian government figures, and others I know with a Passat TDI are easily beating the EPA figures.

    I do mostly highway driving with my Passat (104 km commute). It has 247 lb-ft of torque and 134 hp. The lifetime average economy has been 36 mpg, measured over a period of 42000 miles, or just two mpg shy of the EPA highway-only rating. That figure includes the winter as well. Average from April 1 to November 1 averages 37 mpg; not a huge difference.

    If mileage is your objective, you should look at the new Jetta TDI, it has less power, but is roomier than the previous generation Jetta (and almost as roomy as my previous-generation Passat), but should be good for about 45 mpg on the highway; it can be luxuriously equipped to match the luxury of the Accord.

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