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    Prius Recall-anyone notice a difference?

    I found some contact info, if enough od us complain, perhaps they'll do something about this:

    Customer Experience Center
    Phone: 800-331-4331
    Mon - Fri, 5:00 am - 6:00 pm PT
    Sat, 7:00 am - 4:00 pm PT
    Fax: 310-468-7814

    Or send correspondence to:
    Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc.
    19001 South Western Ave.
    Dept. WC11
    Torrance, CA 90501

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    Prius Recall-anyone notice a difference?

    My wifes Prius didn't change a bit and it still stalls sometimes,we have it up for sale so i won't have to worry about it anymore.

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    Prius Recall-anyone notice a difference?

    I thought I was just imagining it. My battery indicator was always staying green and the gas engine hardly ever shut off. The car even feels more sluggish (like I'm dragging a lead weight behind me). Is Toyota responding to this problem?

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    Prius Recall-anyone notice a difference?

    Stop your whining. Be appreciative that the technology is available. Be understanding that this technology is new and is improving every year.

    Don't blame Toyota until you know all of the facts.

    All cars get lower mileage until they warm up. In the winter it takes much longer for the engine to warm up, therefore more mileage loss. Batteries are also effected by the cold temperatures.
    I get 3-5 mpg less in the cold temps rather than the warm temps with my hybrid.

    The comment on the cruise control is right on. Hybrids do not have an excessive amount of horsepower. When on cruise control and encountering a hill, the engine will race to try to maintain speed. Sometimes its like full throttle acceleration mode. I don't like to do it, but it is best to approach driving the car like riding a bicycle. If you want to maximize mileage (minimize energy expenditure) gently accelerate down hills then allow your momentum to take you up the next hill while losing speed. This approach makes a huge difference in mileage.

    When my son drives the car he puts it into "sport" mode and get another 3-5 mpg less than my average.

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    Prius Recall-anyone notice a difference?

    Have a 2005 Prius in Minnesota for about 10 months. After recall the battery indicator is about one bar higher, usually on green with one bar missing. Used to be two bars low and blue most of time. After 5,000 miles in spring and summer driving, got about 55 mpg on three consecutive tanks in fall. Winter fall off was noticed in 2004-5 with a 2002 Prius. After recall, noticed empty flash coming on with about 4 gallons left in talk, instead of about 3. Do not like filling up with only 8 gallons. This morning the screen showed 370 miles on tank, and it took about 7 gallons! Am now starting to track odometer mileage and filling station gallons. Noticed a long time ago that computer mileage was always less than gas station fuel divided by odometer mileage. Worse in winter, presumably due to gas used with car not moving not recorded. FYI, I found this discussion while trying to figure out why the empty signal comes on with so much gas supposedly in the tank.

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    The Auto Companies have

    The Auto Companies have realized that the Hybrid Battery may not last the warranty and have reprogramed the vehicles to run the engine longer so the battery will last through the warranty. My 08 Tahoe Hybrid went from 21-25mpg to 16-20 and our 08 Honda Civic Hybrid went from a consistant 47 avg mpg to 40. It's a scam that we paid for an auto to get great mileage, they did, then the Auto Companies don't want to stand behind the warranty and lower our mileage.

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    I previously owned a MKII

    I previously owned a MKII Prius which was a flawless car. I could get just less than 60 (UK) mpg. It’s obvious that any car petrol, diesel or electric is going to be less efficient in the colder weather.
    I now have the MKIII T Spirit 1800cc model. It is far more efficient and I am getting 70 (UK) mpg on the same runs. Again it does drop a small percentage in the colder weather. I have not notiiced any difference in mpg since the recall/update. Earlier this week I started the car with the outside temp gauge showing -4deg C. To my horror the engine fired and sounded as if the connecting rods were trying to hammer through the engine casing. I hit the “kill” switch and stopped the engine. The red engine management warning light was also flashing and would not extinguish. Thinking that immense damage had occurred I pressed for a restart. To my surprise the warning light disappeared and the engine started and ran quietly as normal. I have had no problems since. I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this.

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